"Educate the woman, free, feed, heal the world"


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“A community which respects women and recognizes them 
as men's equals, including in decision-making bodies.”

WEECE’s Vision



Welcome to the Women's Education and Economic Centre's new website. You can always contact WEECE at weece2003@yahoo.com for information on donating, volunteering or on any of our projects.


WEECE is a grassroots organization founded in 1999 by four dynamic Tanzanian women determined to improve the harsh economic and cultural environment women experience in Tanzania.


Today, WEECE has grown into a not-for-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization devoted to supporting the marginalized women of the Kilimanjaro region in order to achieve economic stability and gender equality through education, advocacy and micro-loans.


The broad objective of WEECE is to improve gender equality by raising the social and economic status of local women through the provision of micro-loans, educational programs, and counseling.


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A community-based organization

The WEECE community provides members and women in the region with resources and technical information on economic and business development, entrepreneurship as well as information and training in the areas covering social and human rights, legal advice, reconciliation of disagreements with partners, health and nutrition, and environmental preservation.




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