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Kyomu Elders In ,,

Center for Elders

Most Africans enter old age after a lifetime of poverty, deprivation,  poor access to health care and a diet that is usually inadequate in quantity and quality.

The poor elderly need to be identified and helped to live of dignity. They need to come together , exchange  ideas, share experiences and other social programs.

The problem which will be addressed by this project is to create sustainable platform and social protection for elderly people  where beneficiaries (elderly people) will meet, share views and experience, educate and get educated, provide guidance as elders,  loneliness and avoid stress. It will be National Community Based Recreation and Rehabilitation centre which will provide temporary shelter, counseling, training and other social interaction.

WEECE recognizes the importance of placing ageing people at Recreation and Rehabilitation Centre as the strategies for exploration of their skills and experiences, involve them in economic activities as the strategies for eradication of poverty, as well as to achieve full participation of older person in the Northern zone of Tanzania.

The project will accommodate 100 older people at once, 40 will permanently resident at the Centre.

WEECE has leant that, without the active participation of elderly people it is difficult to involve them in the other social protection programs. They do respond positively to stereotype social services.

WEECE has already having a land to build this center in Kawawa Road – Moshi area – Kilimanjaro.

Now we are working on raising funds for building center and office. Your donation is more than welcome.