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Planting Trees In

Environment Program/ Reforestation

Women Education and Economic Centre is supplementing and complementing the government efforts on environment protection and management, during 2010-2016 the Organization has participated in tree planting campaign of which Eighty Thousand trees (8,000) were planted and managed by the United Group, Friends of WEECE, and villagers in the NGANJONI village, while Two thousand trees (2,000) were planted at KYOMU village and built Washroom for students under the support from SANDVIKEN Sweden.

  • Tree Planting/Reforestation: This is ongoing in rural villages. WEECE trains women on environmental issues, reforestations and waste management so that the villages have enough wood for firewood, even when the weather changes. We are about to expand this to all place where we have VICOBA by 2017.
  • Crop/irrigation Canal: Thanks to Friend of WEECE, in 2011, WEECE built a drainage/ irrigation system, which has proven to be very useful and successful in healing with crop growth, gardening and horticultural activities.
  • Lower: Wood stoves: Over the next three years, WEECE plans to provide environmentally-friendly stoves and training for VICOBA villages. This keeps environment clean and it does not need many firewood for cooking
  • Planting trees and rehabilitating an irrigation canal in NGANJONI and KYOMU villages