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Nganjoni Clinic In ,,

Nganjoni Health Clinic Limited-stay Ward

Before the implementation of our project, the Nganjoni Health Clinic had inadequate facilities for admitting patients that required limited-stay care. Constructing the new ward increased bed spaces and created a safer and more comfortable environment for the patients.

Women and their families in the remote village of Nganjoni face numerous health challenges on a daily basis. The most serious are those that are preventable and manageable including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and hunger. Geographic isolation from medical treatment and services compounded these problems.

WEECE addressed these issues by building a health clinic. Nganjoni Health Clinic was fully constructed from 2008-2010. The clinic has 7 rooms. In 2010, the clinic was equipped with solar panels as the main source of electrical power at that time because there were no municipal electrical service lines. In 2011, WEECE successfully lobbied the Government which agreed to provide sustainable electrical power provided by TANESCO. In 2012, the clinic was fully connected with the main power grid.

The clinic is of great importance to the Nganjoni community and the surrounding villages. It serves all people. Approximately 30 patients are served each day. The clinic’s health facilities include medics, laboratory and testing reagent, MCH equipments and MVCT for HIV/ AIDS testing and counseling. It is managed by a qualified doctor and 3 trained nurses of which one is a registered midwife. All are paid by the Government.

In addition to the Health Clinic, WEECE constructed and furnished the clinic’s staff quarters. The doctor and 2 nurses are stationed there.