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Zawadi School In ,,

Zawadi Memorial School

“I am very happy to share with you these pictures of Zawadi Memorial Vocational School.This is the stage where it is now. I did not know that we would reach this stage. For me it was a dream. I am glad that the women were ready to devote their time to work together,”-Valeria Mrema.

Women and girls in Moshi, Kilimanjaro are pillars of socio-economic development in their families and communities at large. With the limited knowledge and skills they possess, they often face many challenges including increased risks to violence. They are being exploited and their health is being put at risk. Extreme poverty is often a big part of their lives. Looking at the socio-economic problems facing women and girls, WEECE intends to establish in Moshi a women and girls resource centre known as the Zawadi Memorial Vocation School which will offer training and support to enhance their knowledge and skills for the improvement of their socio-economic status. Zawadi will conduct micro-research and develop training guides relevant to women empowerment. It will have demonstration and display grounds for the trainees so that they can have practical engagement. Further, field monitoring, supervision and follow up visits will be undertaken to ensure high levels of knowledge and skill retention as well as appropriate application of skills learnt towards changing their lives. In the four classrooms about 60 students, as well as many more women, will have an opportunity to interact and have their knowledge and skills improved in desired disciplines. A library and a meeting hall will also be made available for references and other training courses. The students will have the opportunity to live close to the school as three dormitories will be built. Today, the kitchen, bathrooms and four classrooms are finished, after a few months of hard work. Still, theres is a lot more to come.