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Zawadi Memorial School

“I am very happy to share with you these pictures of Zawadi Memorial Vocational School.This is the stage where it is now. I did not know that we would reach this stage. For me it was a dream. I am glad that the women were ready to devote their time to work together,”-Valeria Mrema. Women


The heart of WEECE is in its microloan program (VICOBA) which enables women to become economically self-sufficient through small business loans. A sustainable small business can provide for a family’s basic needs, pay children’s school fees, and even allow women to create saving accounts of their own. From September to December of 2014, the VICOBA

Nganjoni Health Clinic Limited-stay Ward

Before the implementation of our project, the Nganjoni Health Clinic had inadequate facilities for admitting patients that required limited-stay care. Constructing the new ward increased bed spaces and created a safer and more comfortable environment for the patients. Women and their families in the remote village of Nganjoni face numerous health challenges on a daily